Monday, May 19, 2008

Visual Metaphor Research

target: marriage
source: half of a wedding cake
ground: a whole cake
tension: half is missing
Half of the wedding cake is missing, leaving the bride cake-topper alone: divorce?

target: George "blockhead" Bush
source: statue with an unfinished block of marble for a head
ground: Both are lacking something in the cranial region-- literally, definition, figuratively, intellegence
tension: The subject is a human, and the statue is just a depiction in marble.
A visual pun that also plays off a verbal pun to indicate incompetance.

target: "Man on the moon"
source: figure
ground: the craters on the moon, in real life, sometimes form recognizable images
tension: there is not actually a human figure etched into the moon's surface

target: PSP
source: bus terminal/bubble wrap
ground: The buttons are addictive like bubble wrap, and the console is portable, so it can be anywhere.
tension: bus terminals are not really built like this.
Advertising campaign which demonstrates how fun/easy a playstation is to use.

target: broken link in a browser
source: student with a missing head, and a tshirt with the image of a broken link
ground: because of the missing head, the student has the appearance of not having "loaded" yet
tension: humans don't have to "load" to appear in tangible reality
Perhaps said student was giving a report and forgot something, it is also a pun on technological dependence/abundance in everyday life.

target: Land Rover
source: lion
ground: When you drive a land rover, it's supposedly more similar to a lion than a housecat.
tension: you wouldn't really a want a lion in your car like that
The advertisement is relating the speed and power of the car to the lion.

target: Expensive home
source: Bills/money
ground: The home, or maintenence of it, is expensive
tension: The walls are not literally made out of money.
Using money for the walls emphasizes both the subject (house) and the commentary (expense.)


target: Frugality (Or being on a tight budget?)
source: money clamped in a vice
ground:When you're on a budget, your spending is "tightened down on", metaphorically represented with the vice
tension: You wouldn't actually put your money in a vice

target: confrontation with boss
source: boss being magnified/exaggerated
ground:when intimidated, things confronting you seem to be larger than they are
tension: the boss isn't really that size

target: the idea that danger(death) lurks beneath the surface. ( boat safety?)
source: grim reaper poking through the surface "tip of the iceburg"
ground: grim reaper can kill you, so can an iceburg or dangerous boating habits
tension: grim reaper doesn't physically manifest. Also, you wouldn't be boating around icebergs in that sort of boat.

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