Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lisa K. Weber

What a lovely style of painting! I think these are great. Clean, graphic, highly stylized and exaggerated. Simple without being boring, conceivably targeted for children, and extremely fun without losing any visual sophistication.

Tom Bagshaw

Very glamorous, cleanly rendered, figural fashion and editorial work. Perhaps a bit TOO beautiful at times - the glamor tends to get in the way of truly sincere or expressive poses, but good if taken for what it is, and interesting things going on with some of the design elements.

Julien Pacaud

Intriguing and mysterious collages.

Ryan Friant

How flippin' cool is this? Not many people use sculpture/dolls for *illustration* purposes. It's something I'm very interested in exploring the possibilities of myself. The materials used are very creative and immediate, hand-crafted-looking and expressive.

Alicia Neal

Alicia Neal

Katy Horan

Katy Horan has an intricate pattern-like line forming complex shapes and textures for her hauntingly composed pictures. They use no perspective, instead laid out more like ancient wall paintings, showing each figure on a flat plane in relationship to each other. I like the color palette she works with, and the stylization of her figures, as well as the metaphoric use of pattern and line to show the unseen.

Amy Sol
Amy Sol has a smooth, subtle touch to her painting, very smooth surfaces and muted colors, letting the natural wood of her drawing surface show through to a very pleasant effect. Her scenes are soft and pleasant, with an element of the fantastical balanced with strong design-centric, simplified landscape elements. There also seems to be some Japanese influence in her work.

Daniel Bejar

I like, in Daniel Bejar's work, how very simple shapes are arranged in a highly compelling and clear manner, but remain visually interesting by utilizing strong composition, but also the texture that comes from screenprinting as a medium.

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Advertising Age
Alternative Medicine Magazine
The American Lawyer
The New York Times
Opprotunity Journal
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The New Republic
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