Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deanna Staffo

I love Deanna Staffo's work. There is nothing in the style that is particularly different or spectacular, she uses a technique which many illustrators use - delicate pen lines overlayed with flat colors (she also changes the color of her initial line digitally, sometimes, to a nice effect.) However, there's something about the -quality- of her work that really shines through impressively. An eye for detail, faces, people. Her figures are very expressive and natural; unique and recognizable, while retaining elements of her personal style.

Deanna Staffo received her bfa with honors from the maryland institute, college of art and now lives in philadelphia. she teaches illustration at the maryland institute and her work has been recognized by american illustration, the society of illustrators west, the altpick awards (2nd place series illustration), communication art's "fresh list" (aug. 05), and taschen's "illustration now". (from bio)

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