Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anthony Waters

Waters uses a wide variety of approaches, many of them utalizing photoshop painting techniques, occasionally mixed with real media. He uses a realistic style to render fantasy environments and characters. It seems like a fun thing to be able to do for a living. There's something to be said for the more traditional fantasy style in his work - it is certainly impressive, and shows a lot of rendering and work in the details.

Graphite, charcoal, conte, marker, watercolor, gouache, pastel and oil are all part of my arsenal. I’ve been using Painter and Photoshop professionally since 1996.

I have fifteen years of experience in game and story development, both as a freelancer and as a full-time employee. I’ve worked on all aspects of the production cycle on a variety of commercial products including kid’s multimedia, strategy games, comics, fiction writing and film. (from resume)

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anne said...

wow, this is really strong & fabulous work. thanks for sharing!