Thursday, May 29, 2008

Katie Cusack

I find Katie Cusack's work to be very visually rich and compelling, for her use of collage and mixed digital and traditional media. There is simultaneously, I think, a sort of child-like playfulness and a darker, more somber tone to the pieces, in both subject matter and in execution. I think the color on many of the pieces in her portfolio is interesting; she knows when a piece needs to be more monochromatic, and when to experiment with contrasting, or complimentary color schemes in a more bold fashion.

Katie Cusack uses digital mixed media to create surreal dream-scapes using found objects, photography and painted imagery. She specializes in Editorial and Children's Book Illustration but has also done work for the Music Industry. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration, Katie attended Johns Hopkins University for a MA in Education. She has taught Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education within both public and private school systems. She has worked as a Cognitive and Verbal Behavior Specialist for children with Autism and as an Editor for a major educational publishing house. Now she is a full-time, independent Illustrator, which has been her dream job since childhood.
(from bio)

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