Tuesday, May 20, 2008

International Herald Tribune: Article Summaries and Visual Ideas

Ice Dwellers Are Finding Less Ice to Dwell On.

Exactly how many walruses there are in the world is unknown, but it's estimated that there's about 190,000 of em. However, problems are arising for the walrus population that may have further repercussions for other sea life as well. The ice caps are melting sooner and coming back much later in the season than they were 20 years ago. Walruses are amphibious, and while the males migrate inland for the summer, the females and calves remain on the ice floes. However, with the early melting, they are forced to migrate as well, and sometimes die of starvation. Also, the melting ice has encouraged human industry (like oil companies) to creep in on once-preserved natural habitat, due to the ease of access.

artic sea___walrus/family___aquatic mammal___iceburg___ice flow ___squeeze___cubicle___"on a dime"___pedestal___fish___competition ___injuries___time - hourglass___melting ___icecube___home being devoured/destroyed___home melting___bite ___crowding___trampling___starvation

Mental Illness in Iraq Rises as Care Falters

The Ibn Rushid psychiatric hospital was once a clean and modern establishment, that took pride in the qualities of it's practices and the meticulous care of it's patients. Since 2003, it has seen a sharp decline, with only 4 of 11 psychiatrists remaining, a shortage of medicine and upkeep, and more incoming patients than can be cared for in a fully considered manner, with the amount of staff on-hand. They are using an electrotherapy machine that is 25 years old, and severely outdated. Conditions put a strain on the psychiatrists, too, who have been around to see better times, with proper equipment and resources. The doctors say it is an emotional strain as well, as many of the stories patients come in with are daily realities for them all, such as car bombings, killings, militia fighting, and Iraqi and US forces in conflict.

Electrodes___Crowds__Straight jackets____doctors____clipboards ____notes____medication bottles ____crowds of people____hospital beds____"tattered lace curtains" ____human grief ____touch ____ whisky ____ suicide ____stress ____tears ____helplessness ____decay

(emerging technology)
One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop Per Child is an innovative new design group which has developed a laptop that is extremely low-cost to manufacture, and also highly durable, for distribution in underdeveloped 3rd world countries to use in schools and elsewhere. It is portable, water and dust proof, and also utalizable as a TV and a radio. It is crank powered and has a half-mile radius for wireless signals. Currently there are 5 million X0-1s in production. The current cost is $150 per laptop, but with more orders the production cost would go down. The group estimates that by 2010 this goal will be reached.

connection ____ lines ____computer ____internet ____waves ____cords ____global ____teaching tool ____kids ____durability ____usefulness ____portable unit ____square (console) ____ helping technology ____integration ____multipurpose/multifaceted ____interaction/interactive ____ two places connecting ____ information sharing ____graphic/interesting graphics ____ book/ebook/electronic data recorder/tablet ____juxtaposition of practical/traditional and fancy/entertaining/new /state of the art ____cost efficiency ____conveyor belt ____multiples

Mecca and Moderation

Does an increase in religious orthodoxy lead to increased close-mindedness? Not necessarily, according to a recent study concerning the moslem practice of hajj, pilgrimmage to Mecca. The trip puts moslems in contact with a wide variety of people, and promotes understanding and a desire for peaceful interaction side-by-side with an increased fervor for Islam. According to a 2007 survey 45% of Americans believe Islam is more likely to encourage violence than other religions. (Strange, from a religion whose name is, literally translated, 'Peace') The article seems to say that orthodoxy is not parallel with fanaticism and radicalism; that it is possible to uphold one's own religious tradition while remaining open and understanding of other ways and traditions.

pilgrimage ___walk ___travel ___footsteps ___meet people ___contact with outside religions/types of people ___openmindedness ___spaces and connections ___rigid confining complexes (vertical) openminded consideration (horizontal) ___ inspiration from islam/spirituality/tradition (upwards) / connection with others of different walks and faiths (outwards) ___ the divine being traveled as a journey that takes one through the secular ___ impressions of Islam as violent/terrorist religion ___ stereotypes versus teaching ___ distortion of what islam is in the minds of others ___ walking and expanding ___ holding hands around mecca ___sharing spaces ___ traditional islamic headgear associations ___ prayer posture / echo in violent shape in thought bubble.. "before" action.

Superhero Fashion Soars in New York Exhibition

On display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a fashion show inspired by superhero designs, some, as described in the article, 'quintessentially American' and all with a measure of the fantastic, the larger-than-life.

dual identity ___fusion ___dresses and superheros ___the super vs everyday compared to couture vs ready-to-wear ___masquerade ___ superman and gucci ___ pro models and jet packs ___ juxtapositions of the two ___ telephone booth couture ___ high heels and superpowers (heels x jet packs?) ___ fantasy ___ "identity and transformation of the body" __ superhero on catwalk with models

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