Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post 6

I am the sort of illustrator who loves getting involved with fictional worlds, and the people and creatures who inhabit them. I would love to persue a career working out fantasy-world details and character complexities, either of my own creation, or collaboratively. I like to be loose and expressive with my quality of representation, using a variety of different media, and not limiting myself necessarily to 2D. I hope to stay involved heavily with other forms of the arts for inspiration-- Opera, ballet, theater, fashion, etc.

There are many things I like to do, but wish I was doing in a more proffessional way, to be included in my portfolio: That is, using these techniques, but taking the time necessary to produce a more professional finish: more considered composition, figure reference, tied up loose ends.

1. I would very much like to find thematic content that both satisfies my craving for fantasy, but it also poignant and relevant, in a political way, or in a general way relevant to the state of things in the world. I have started to do this with some of my projects, but I feel it has not yet hardened into maturity and clarity.

2. I would like to do a lot more of this: Very loose collage-type art with photoshop elements overtop. Basically, I would like to make of myself more completely a student of Dave McKean, so that I may assimilate what I need to and move on . It is something I am always looking at, but I feel that if I went about it, even in exactly the same way, with exactly the ratio of collage to drawing to painting, that my work would be distinct. I feel that the mediums McKean works in do not exclusively define his style, and it's the medium, and the tone, that I'm interested in.

Mixed media with little characters/medium scale

3. I would like to work on my anatomy, esp. in regards to movement of the body through space (walking, climbing, wrestling, etc, and either get better at it or find a way around it, perhaps a method of further stylizing my figures in a more static sense, so I am not sort of hovering between extremes.

4. I used to do a lot more photography, and consider myself a very solid photographer... I should set up more shoots that are thematically considered as well as just well-composed. Also, I would like to do some straight photo manipulation, without the McKean-esque messy collage chimera feel.

5.Sci-fi/fantasy themes/fashion and setting design/digital painting

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Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Hey Alice, the Illustration show is coming up on Monday so if you could bring one or two of your best pieces and put them in student services on Monday. T'would be great.