Friday, January 23, 2009

Post 2

I have no one favorite work, of my own pieces. I find some more impressive, and some less, I am personally attached to some because of their subject matter/idea, but hesitant about showing them as a favorite because of the sloppy execution. I'm going to leave this a blank for now.

The two works that I notices specifically that other people liked:
Warning: photographic nudity/thematically mature:

"Lunar Walk With Shoelaces Untied"

I attribute the success of these two pieces to popular demand for the subject matter, at the venue in which I displayed them: On DeviantArt, there's a big fetish photography community, and in that community, there's a lot of the same-old shot ideas going on: I venture to say no one has done anything quite like covering their nude body in band-aids and house paint.

At the Holiday Bazaar, where I displayed the finished (color) version of this piece (in two panels), it sold like hot cakes. There was a demand at that show, I think, for interesting abstract art that would match the couch.


I was surprised by this piece: I was sure it would fall apart, but it ended up being fully functional, as intended, despite a bit of lapse in the planning stages, for such a large-scale piece. Looking back, I would have made a more complete finish on it, though, esp. with the text.

Five doodles or sketches I like:

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