Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 4

Ten illustrators whose work you admire

Dave McKean
-DC Comics
-Kitchen Sink Press **
-The Face Magazine

Donna Barr
Tracy J Butler

FSC (Foo Swee Chin)
-Slave Labor Graphics
-Starbucks (Singapore)

Ursula Vernon
-graphic smash

Lisa K Weber
-Graphic Classics
-Cricket Mag
-Prestige Toy Company
-Rich FX
-Raw Films

Clive Barker
-Arcane/Eclipse Books
-Dread magazine/Fantaco
-Rizzoli Books
-Bess Cutler Gallery in New York
-Bert Green Fine Art in Los Angeles

Dame Darcy
(Darcy has provided illustrations for writers Alan Moore, Poppy Z. Brite, Trina Robbins; and fashion designers Anna Sui, Jared Gold, CWC, and Coi Girl Magic, among others.) Wikipedia

Edward Gorey

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