Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blood Tea and Red String

Mouse dolls~

I saw the brilliant stop-motion film "Blood Tea and Red String" and knew I had to make some Aristocratic White Mice for myself. It also calls to mind the two mice in some childhood book (was it Beatrix Potter?) that get into the dollhouse and break everything to bits, then meet some terrible fate or other. Anywho, everything good. I am working on another one now, his head is in the lower portion of the third picture~


drcunningham said...

Hi Ash,
I've been meaning to write but have been swamped with trying to get back into the routine after being gone for a week. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you on the plane. You made crossing the country much more enjoyable. Hope you didn't have any problems with gathering your baggage after I last saw you.
Love your Aristocratic White Mice!!! I once had pet blond mice. You are very talented.
Cheers, Jim

Alison L said...

お久しぶりですね, あまやちゃん. お元気ですか?