Monday, December 22, 2008

NPDA Poster

In the words of my colleague/poster-partner Jessica Biggs:

A poster that was an assignment for my design 3 class.

One day a year, art colleges and universities all over the country set aside a day in which high school students are encouraged to bring their portfolios to be reviewed by college-level teachers, artists and faculty and discuss the transition from high school to art college.
The National Portfolio Day Association is a committee which overseas this event. Every year the NPDA chooses a double-sided broadside to be sent out to all the high schools in the country advertising this event.
The candidate posters are made by design students from art schools across the country.

This was a collaborative work between illustrator [Danielle Bertocci] and [Jessica Biggs] as a designer.
While our piece was not chosen to continue to the NPDA committee, I feel it is still worthy of showing off as we both worked very hard for nearly an entire semester on it.


Yep! Enjoy some squids.

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